Ramen Jiro (Mita,Tokyo)


This is like ramen, not ramen. It is the existence itself that says "Jiro" no longer. It can also be said that it is a the field specialized in huge variety among ramen. But people are fascinated by their wild taste and attract many fans. I am also one of them. Jiro is like religion. Among Jiro, this time I went to the head temple and ate it.


To eat Jiro, you are forced to memorize special rules. For example, is it necessary or unnecessary for garlic? For example, do you want a lot of garlic? When you want it, you tell the owner  "Garlic (NIN-NIKU) " in a loud voice in a easy-to-understand way. If you want a lot of garlic, tell the shop owner "garlic mashimashi (NIN-NIKU-MASI-MASI)".  As well as this, you have to tell briefly about the lard, soy sauce, soup concentration, etc., in addition to garlic. At this point, many Japanese will be caught. However, many people want to eat even if they eat it.


Jiro's ramen is incredibly heavy. It is more than doubled compared to ordinary ramen. But you can not leave. If you can not eat, you must apologize to the shopkeeper. Just decide the maximum preparedness, you have to eat Jiro's noodles.


I always eat from the mountain of bean sprouts. I will try to eat it after chewing firmly with my back teeth. Do not become a burden on the stomach. And I will eat big pork in the first half, when the stomach is fine. Then I will start eating noodles. From here, I will raise the speed of eating at once. The noodles are very thick and difficult to eat, but feeling the fat and saltiness of pigs makes it easier to eat. Sometimes, with the scent of garlic, I can cheer up. I do not need to take all the soup. I eat noodles, sprouts and pork all but leave a little soup. This is not a rule violation.




Jiro  Ramen is the ultimate in junk food in Japan. Therefore people love it. My dream is to eat all Jiro ramen in Japan.  I only have 4 more stores left.


Thanks to Jiro Ramen who taught me the interest of ramen

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