Koike (Kamikitazawa, Tokyo)



I went to Koike which is a famous ramen shop along National Route 20. A queue of customers is made in front of the shop before opening. It used to be "Tsukemen" specialty shop before, but it became a specialty "ramen" and succeeded. This shop offers two kinds of ramen with a light taste and a rich flavor. This time, I ate rich
flavor noodles and Kaedama.


The rich ramen seem to be very heavy from the appearance. Foaming is seen on the surface of the soup, and it feels deep. However, it tastes very soft when I try it. The taste of rich seafood and the taste of heavy chicken are balanced. Fresh onion is added, and its taste gives the whole feeling of refreshment.

Noodle is also wonderful. Murakami Asahi made made them. Straight noodles are very beautiful and chewy is good. When biting, the flavor of the noodles is nice. Noodles get involved in a very thick soup. The taste is the best, when soup and noodles are united .





Cha-Syu is excellent. It is thinly sliced and gorgeous. I am fascinated with elegant taste. I will continue to eat forever. (Overpowered). Eggs pickled in salt sagger are also good. Eggs become more rich flavor.




Finally, I ate a Kaedama. A little soy sauce in Kaedama is strong and it is good. It seems that chicken oil is also included in this, it is a rich taste beyond imagination.



Koike will continue to be a popular store in the future. The attitude of a shop filled with honesty prove that. I will come here to eat here soon. Thank you for today, delicious ramen, Mr. Koike.



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