Kasen (Nishi-Hachioji, Tokyo)

This time, I came to Nishi Hachioji Station on the JR Ome Line. Hachioji's famous ramen store "yen" is because it says to open a second store. The second store is named for ”Kasen” to provide a soup made of rich 'niboshi' and 'pig bones'. I was looking forward to it, so I came at the time of opening. Then, there were already three people like me in front of the shop.


The shop's ramen is characterized by a blend of thick "niboshi" and "pig bones". Both tastes are antagonistic and balanced. It certainly has a bitter taste of niboshi. There will surely be people who are not good at this taste. However, once you become accustomed to the first bitterness, you will feel the umami of niboshi rather.




And the noodles are very thin and straight. It does not contain much moisture and has a pleasant crisp. The noodles get wet with soup and it will tint into the taste of soup. I deliciously feel the unity of wheatish flavor of noodles and the taste of thick soup.



The topping of that ramen is wonderful. "Chasyu" is made from pig's shoulder loin meat, full of thin salty taste and original meat taste. "Ajitama" is a stewed egg with soup. This is very tasty. Radish similar to "oden" is also included in the topping. This radish is also a novel idea, I am impressed.




It was worth pursuing to come from a distance this time. It is a very unique ramen. That is why I can not take my eyes.



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