Nishino (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo)

A new ramen shop called "Nishino" opened in Hongo area where the University of Tokyo is located. I was walking around this area on a holiday and I was looking for something good ramen shop on Twitter. Fortunately I got information on opening of "Nishino" on Twitter. Then, in a hurry, heading for "Nishino", several people were already lined up waiting for the opening in front of the store. That store paid attention to waiting customers and started earlier.



This shop is still the second day after opening. So, there are still only "Ramen" and "KAEDAMA" menus. There is not even sake yet.

The chef at this shop seemed to work for a famous shop in Setagaya Ward and said that he had experienced making ramen at that store. So I was expecting something similar to that famous shop ramen. However, surprisingly I got an elegant ramen.


The ramen is very transparent on the whole. The so clear soup is impressive. The soup is a chicken extract, salt is modest, it is a very rich taste. I felt that the soup contains white soy sauce. It is because the salty taste is gentle.




Noodles are very beautiful. The straight form looks like a stream that is beautiful as a whole in parallel. It seems that the noodles contain a little more moisture. Therefore, the crunch is a bit elastic. I feel comfortable to eat up noodles and easy to eat.



"Chasyu" is cooked at low temperature with two types of site meat. Shoulder loins and thighs. They are all light tastes and delicious. I am sure that it will be delicious when drinking while eating this meat.


"KAEDAMA" is a little dripping of a thick sauce sauce to noodles. I mix well, first. And, as it is, it seems to be different from the previous noodles. It has a little bit of moisture and aroma of flour. I like to enjoy it.




This shop offers a very high quality ramen, although it has just opened. So I am looking forward to the future of this ramen shop. I want to visit again when the menu of this store increases. I would like to support this store. Please do your best. Thank you for the meal.