Kissou (Kiba, Tokyo)

There is one of my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo near Kiba station of the subway Tozai line. The shop's name is "kissou". If you are asked what you like in this store, I will reply that ramen is delicious and the service and the cleanliness of the shop are great. This shop always keeps the top in the ramen popular store ranking of Tokyo, but that ramen chef has not got a handsome point.




This shop is basically a kind of ramen soup. It is said to be "Tonkotsu - Gyokai", which is a mixture of juice made by boiling pig bone for a long time and extract of fish. In particular, it is preferred that it is rich. Soup similar to this, for a while, was popular in ramen shops in Tokyo, but at the moment it has peaked out. Meanwhile, the soup of this store has been loved by ramen fans all the time. It is made very carefully and contains techniques that are slightly different from other stores. I used something similar to the scent of ginger to this soup



Noodles are homemade. This ramen chef is talented not only in soup but also in noodles. The noodles contain a lot of moisture and make you feel resilient when chewing. And since its surface is slippery, it can be eaten with a light sense. Furthermore, the scent of noodles is good. I feel that I used good wheat. It has good compatibility with rich soup, and volume is larger than other stores.



Ajitama is also good quality. It is a feeling that it was shallowly pickled in a sauce. So, white has soft and light flavor, egg yolk is rich and tastes like the essence of eggs.


The meat of the topping is a shoulder loin of a pig. It has moderate saltiness and is very soft. And of course it is tasty. Although it is compatible with soup, I think that compatibility with rice is good.


I think that this shop will continue to be a popular store in the future. Also, I want to take a vacation and visit.
Thank you for delicious ramen today too!

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