Umenoya (Takeoka Futtsu, Chiba pref.)

 There are three kinds of ramen unique in Futtsu, Chiba prefecture, where's a place full of swimming in the summer. One of them is the Takeoka style ramen.  In Takeoka style, the most famous and popular is the ”Umenoya”.



 The ramen soup is very black. It is a soup that diluted the soy sauce flavor extract of the chasyu meat with hot water. They effectively use that hot water boiling noodles. It is incredible that it is simple and delicious. It will be more delicious if it contains a fine dust of onions.




 Even more surprising is that the dried noodles are delicious. In many families, using dried noodles, there are things that make instant ramen. It is a noodle close to that image. Why is this suitable for a simple soy sauce taste soup.



 The chase meat is very black. It is because it is soaked in soy sauce. Salty of soy sauce and sweetness of meat fat are gathered in a very well-balanced manner. It looks wild, but the taste is right as well.


Anyway, it is unconventional ramen. That is in Chiba Prefecture. If you are a brave Ramen fan, you should probably eat it.

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