Kimihan (Gotanda, Tokyo)

Among JR Yamanote line stations, there are many noodle shops around Gotanda station. There are almost all kinds of ramen in Gotanda, is not it? In the meantime, I picked a shop called "Kimihan" and ate ramen. That ramen has a taste that is likely to be appreciated by people in Tokyo, that is, it is naturally NIBOSHI and it has a soy sauce taste.


The soup is prepared by carefully simulating the chicken scallops and pork bones, and it has a very rich flavor. It is added soy sauce, but it seems to keep the spicy on hold. NIBOSHI has two kinds of cooking whether to make the best of bitterness or to make use of sweetness. This soup is rather a type that makes use of sweetness. So, regardless of age and sex, I think it is a soup that everyone likes.



The noodles are twisted a little, slightly yellowish, it seems a little transparent. The elasticity of the noodles is past Aldente's timing and is soft. It's very slippery and easy to eat.


"Chasyu (topping pork meat)" is a shoulder loin portion that is cooked lightly. Meat quality is very soft, so make it feel elegant. It seems to be compatible with alcohol.


"Ajitama (flavored half-boiled egg)" is still tasty as ever. It feels small in size, but the dense taste of egg yolk is exceptional when eaten with noodles.


It is not a new style of ramen, but it tastes like I can love long. If you have the opportunity to have lunch at Gotanda, it is recommended.
Thank you for today's delicious ramen!

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