Shinjyo (Musashi-Shinjyo, Kawasaki) Specialty Chinese noodles

On JR Nambu Line I overslept while on the move. When I woke up, I saw a sign at "Musashi-Shinjyo" station. Let's have lunch here this time. In this neighborhood, I like a ramen shop called "Shinjyo".



I heard that this ramen chef gained experience with the famous "Setagaya". However, the ramen of "Shinjyo" is somewhat different from that of "Setagaya". I feel a bit of originality there.
The soup is very transparent, and it looks like an amber shade. Soup looks glossy, flavor oil looks very delicious and drifts loose on the surface. Tasting it, I certainly feel the taste of chickens deeply.I do not feel the taste of the seafood almost, but extracts such as kombu and shiitake mush might also be gently mixed up.



This shop chooses two kinds of noodles according to the taste of soup. He seems to use less moisture noodles for salt and NBOSHI soup and sprinkle slightly more noodles for soy sauce soup. The noodle is a very soft cheek and its surface is very smooth. And, it permeates the taste of the soup, it certainly delicious.



The meat of the topping is wonderful. It is made of swine shoulder loin meat, and it is carefully cooked by low temperature cooking method. The meat is rich in the original taste of the material, it is rich. And it is very soft and tasty.Wonton is also topping. It seems to the fact that the whole is dyed in a soy sauce soup. Minced meat is delicious with flavor and flavor. I smell a bit of incense.



This time was an unscheduled visit, but as usual the ramen here is delicious. It may come again soon.
Thank you for today's delicious ramen!



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