Isobe (Yaguchinowatashi, Tokyo)


There is a place called Kamata in Ota Ward, Tokyo. There is a place called Yaguchinowatashi at the first station on the Tokyu Tamagawa Line from Kamata. Kamata is a noisy , but Yaguchinowatashi is a very relaxing place. There is a noodle shop called "Isoba" at this place. "Isobe" is famous for its delicious wonton noodles. Owner training at a famous shop called Yakumo. So this wonton noodle is very similar to that of Yakumo.


There are two kinds of wonton noodles in soup. black and white. It is a difference of soy sauce. I chose black this time. This black wonton noodle, at first glance, I feel the concentration of soy sauce. I feel stronger saltiness, but when I actually taste it, salt stimulation is less. Rather, it is very gentle taste. The soup stock of chicken broth is rich, and Japanese ancient seasonings are deeply spreading.



It is homemade noodles. This is very delicious. Very straight figure is very beautiful. And noodles include soup. The noodles are good in texture and compatibility with soup is also the best. The surface of the noodle is very fine and slides very smoothly in the mouth.



And anyway, the most fun is wonton. There are two meat wontons, each with a shrimp. Every shrimp is fun to pretend very easy to crunch. And meat wonton is fun with crunchy crunch.



Chicken topping is also wonderful. Fine and soft meat is very rich fragrance and rich flavoring. It seems to be good with sake.


This is a noodle you want to eat many times. Let's also come to Yaguchnowatashi.
I appreciate meeting of today's health and delicious ramen. And I also thank my family.

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