Mitaka (Mitaka, Tokyo)

There are no ramen shops in the world to make them relax as "Mitaka". It is the tradition of the soul. There was a famous ramen shop called "Eguchi" before, and it closed when the shopkeepers retired. Many "Eguchi" fans lamented it. The Mitaka fan there, succeeding the taste tradition, revived with the store name "Mitaka". What a cool thing!


Mitaka's ramen is really nice and delicious. Before being a ramen, it is a dish called "Mitaka". Soup is a lightly light soy sauce category. But, it is unique, simple, original. The soup is made mainly by boiling pork bones and vegetables. It is very refreshing, I do not get tired.




However, noodles are very creative. It is "SOBA" rather than ramen. That noodle is supposed to be slightly fuzzy, but it is compatible with soup. It sucks a lot of soup. Therefore, the taste of noodles becomes complicated and it is delicious.


The topping of ramen is also simple. One piece of pork is on the top. But that's fine. Because it is representative of delicious things in the Showa era. I will keep chasing this taste of ramen forever.


Nice to meet you! Mitaka

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