Shigetomi (Okurayama, Yokohama)

Tokyu Toyoko Line is very popular, there are stylish cityscapes and residential areas. There is a very fashionable and cute ramen shop at Okurayama station of Tokyu Toyoko Line. The ramen shop looks like a small restaurant and it looks like a stylish cafe. This time, I ate the soy sauce ramen here. 


It looks like an old-fashioned appearance, in fact it is modern, healthy, it does not use chemical seasonings. Four kinds of swine extract dissolve, three kinds of fish and shellfish dissolve, and five kinds of soy sauce are blended. The chef in this ramen shop seems to have a very tasteful commitment. Thanks to the efforts of the chef, ramen soup is a pretty good taste. The soup is a refreshing soy sauce taste, delicious chicken extract, shellfish flavor. Each is balanced. 




Noodles look simple, chewy well, the nature of sucking soup can not be imitated with spaghetti. Chasyu  is rich and tasty. Overall, there is no fault. I'm looking forward to it. 



Everyone is fond of having good customer service, atmosphere and place here. If there is opportunity to come near Okurayama, and if you are interested in ramen, "shigetomi" is definitely recommended. Thank you for delicious ramen today.



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