Shinjyo ( Musashi Shinjyo, Kawasaki)

Near the JR Nambu Line Musashi Shinjo station, there is a ramen shop called "Shinjyo". It is rumor that this chef's chef experienced ramen making at a famous shop called "Setagaya". He offers very traditional style ramen, but it is sophisticated somewhere in contemporary style. Recently, I like this taste very much. Ramen I ate this time is "Chasyu-Niboshi" ramen.

First of all, the appearance of the ramen is very gentle with translucent soup. The soup feels the bitterness or scent of "Niboshi", but I feel a very familiar taste. Extract of chicken boiled out is also included richly, so I feel a deep flavor for that. The color of soy sauce is also strong, but I do not feel so salty. It can be said that it is modestly salable.




Because noodles have a little moisture, they are very chewy, flavorful, suck soup moderately. The surface of the noodle is very smooth and I feel happy when I eat noodles.


"Chasyu" is large, there are five in all. It is very loud. They are cooked in the low temperature method, and even with a little herb, salt and spice flavor, they are crowded deeply. The original taste of the meat has been drawn out and it is an elegant taste.


This ramen is also highly recommended. If there is opportunity to come near Musashi Shinjo, please do. Thanks for the wonderful ramen today as well.



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